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A Diary Secs

 Sexy Secretaries is the Theme for our January Party!

 Tuesday 23rd January 2018 at 6.00 Pm.

Sexy Secretaries FRANKIE & NICKY MONTFORD will be in the 2kings office with SALLY for some real discipline! The girls have not only been misfiling important documents, breaking the photocopier by sitting on it (?) and reading inappropriate magazines at their desks, but also come to work in blouses too tight, skirts too short, and stocking seams not straight. Probably over the desk is required for some good bare bottom treatment to remind them of office protocol. The skirts and blouses are too distracting for serious spanking so will just have to come off.

Please book a place to deal with these girls, more names to be announced later.

This party will be in London Docklands, costs £160, and includes drinks and a hot buffet meal


Nicky Montford 2017 195 x 240

 Nicky at Work!



Thursday 15th February at 1.00 Pm

Valentine’s Day cannot be ignored and we will have some of your favourite spanking valentine girls in skimpy attire to provide perfect switch spanking all afternoon.

Further details will be announced later, but SAM JOHNSON and KANDY will be among the very glamorous secretaries needing the bare bottom treatment! With SALLY and more girls to be announced this should be a particularly lovely and sexy party.

This party will be in London Docklands and costs £160 including drinks and a hot meal


Thursday 15th March at 6.00 Pm

St Patrick’s Day and a suitable switch party to celebrate. The girls in green will include EMILY & DUBLIN O’BRIEN.  More details to come.

This party will be in London Docklands and costs £160 including drinks and a hot meal

Please enquire for details at any time:

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All parties include a buffet meal, and either have a fully licensed bar available or free drinks are provided.

Visit www.2kings.org.uk for full details/booking information and pictures of our girls.


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